Newyddion a ddigwyddiadau cyfredol Thermify

Low-income households to receive low-emissions hand up

Low-income households are set to receive much-needed help in joining the low-carbon revolution thanks to the newly funded SHIELD project.

UK Power Networks’ Smart Heat and Intelligent Energy in Low-Income Districts (SHIELD) project aims to change the current approach to decarbonising heat and energy in consumers’ homes to make it more inclusive, ensuring no one gets left behind in the journey to Net Zero.

SHIELD is being delivered through a project partnership led by UK Power Networks involving Essex County Council, Power Circle, Citizen’s Advice Essex, Eastlight Community Homes, UK Community Works, Kensa Contracting and Thermify.

Supported by Ofgem and Innovate UK, SHIELD will oversee new approaches and business models for installing energy efficient technologies such as solar panels, wind generation storage, and electric vehicles.

These methods combined with low energy heat solutions can make the decarbonisation of heat and energy more affordable.

The current approach to decarbonising heat and energy in consumers' homes is costly and not inclusive of vulnerable and low-income households.

This project aims to design, develop, and test new cross-industry and community business models and mechanisms that integrate several innovative technologies to find a viable pathway for vulnerable customers to affordably decarbonise their heating and energy.

This is the discovery element of a potentially multi-phase project, that will see Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) provide £82,163 of funding.

The Strategic Innovation Fund supports a just energy transition, including new ways to identify and support vulnerable customers. Helping those who are disadvantaged, fuel poor or off the gas grid to reduce carbon emissions.

Future phases could see the SHIELD project receive several million pounds in funding.

Jon Cape, Managing Director of Power Circle Projects Ltd said: “Power Circle is delighted to be working with partners to deliver the ground-breaking SHIELD project.

“It has real potential to cut energy costs for low-income households whilst delivering low carbon.”

Also speaking on SHIELD, Thermify CEO, Travis Theune said: “Thermify is excited to be taking part in the SHIELD project.

“Providing low-cost heating to vulnerable people and helping to reduce fuel poverty is central to our goals and we look forward to finding innovative ways to combine technologies with project partners.”

This project supports Essex County Council’s net zero targets which includes the transition to sustainable energy.

Speaking on the latest development of the SHIELD project, Essex County Council Climate Czar, Cllr Peter Schwier said: “The SHIELD project is a brilliant example of how Essex County Council is constantly searching for and developing innovative ways to solve both climate and economic related problems.

“It is important that methods to reduce carbon emissions are made available to all to enable a smooth and just energy transition.”

The discovery phase of this project is due to run to June 2023. SHIELD partners are already developing a bid for further funding under the Strategic Innovation Fund Alpha Phase which would provide funding for limited in-situ technology trials.

Datblygwyr mewn ynni

Roedd y wobr Datblygwyr Mewn Ynni’n cael ei rhoi i’r Thermify gan Peel NRE yn ddiweddar.

Dwedodd Dr Garry Felgate, sylfaenydd Thermify:

“Mae’n anrhydedd i wedi’i gydnabod gan banel o banwyr a dyn ni’n wrth ein fodd yn derbyn wobr hon. Hoffwn ni’n dweud diolch i Peel NRE am ei gefnogaeth. Mae’r arweinyddiaeth nhw yn egnioli adnoddau naturiol yw hollol aliniedig gyda’n ddull mewn Thermify.”

Dwedodd Jane Gaston, Cyfarwyddwr Datblygiad - Protos - Peel NRE:

“Mae cysyniad Thermify yn creu math newydd o ganolfan prosesu data sydd yn cael ei ddosbarthu ar draws miloedd dai sy’n gwresogi tai a dŵr yn uniongyrchol gyda ddoll fforddiadwy. Yn gyfnod digidol hwn, dyn ni wedi penderfynni bod hi’n cynllun go iawn i ddal wres gweddill yn wedi creu drwy broses hon ac yn defnyddio wres i ddelio gyda thlodi tanwydd. Da iawn!”

Dr Garry Felgate accepts the 'Innovations In Energy' award from Peel NRE