Thermify makes cloud computing environmentally friendly by using energy twice. High quality cloud services with lower environmental impact.

Thermify Cloud

No wasted heat. No wasted energy.

Thermify offer cloud compute solutions to companies of any size. Our services are equivalent to, and comparably priced with the market leaders without the environmental impact of traditional data centres. Server less compute and batch processing available at web scale.

Using Energy Twice

Comparable computing power with lower carbon emissions

“Thermify’s solutions represent on average a 75% decrease in carbon emissions in comparison to a regular data centre. If the refrigerant leakage is not considered, then Thermify’s solution represents around a 44% decrease in carbon emissions, in comparison to a regular hyperscale data centre. If on-site renewable energy is used to power Thermify’s solution, without considering embodied carbon, the operational carbon footprint of Thermify’s is virtually 0 (carbon neutral)“ – Thermify Emissions Report, Climax Community Limited 2022

environmental benefits

Truly Green Computing

“Thermify data centres use on average 75% less carbon than traditional data centres” (Thermify Emissions Report, Climax Community Limited 2022) Furthermore, Thermify uses a Green supply chain, ensuring that material is sourced locally to minimise our carbon footprint by reducing the transportation of parts and components.

social benefits

Heat the people, not the world

Thermify uses the heat produced by our data centres to directly heat people’s homes. This includes those who are our most vulnerable. We will provide low-to-no cost heating for households that are in need.

Economic benefits

Competitive, Green, Responsible

Thermify provides cloud computing services at competitive prices by leveraging our distributed network while providing heat to homes and supporting at-risk households.