Smart green.Using energy, twice.

Thermify is a radical new solution to replace gas boilers and generate new revenue from cloud computing.

Wasted heat: Computers turn electricity into information, creating heat as a by-product. 1 kWhr of electricity = 3,600kJ of heat.

Because information has no physical mass or energy, 100% of the electricity must be converted to heat. It has nowhere else to go. In most traditional data centres, even more electricity is used to extract and blow the waste heat into the atmosphere.

Thermify’s HeatHub captures the heat generated in the compute process and transfers it to the central heating system of a domestic home, using energy twice!

The Process

Cloud Computing

Our Business customer’s compute tasks are carried out using the thermify hardware which is installed in our network of HeatHub data centres. This process generates heat.


The heat generated by the compute process is captured, not wasted and used to heat the home of our heat customers at an affordable rate.

Everyone benefits

Cost effective, environmentally friendly compute capacity for our business customers and affordable heating for our home customers.

The Market


Electricity is over 300% more expensive than gas, meaning that there is a real risk of heating being unaffordable for many more people.


In 2021 approximately 150,000 new homes were built. The UK Government’s Future Homes Standard means that from 2025 all new homes must be built with energy efficient heating systems instead of traditional gas boilers.


In 2020, the global cloud computing market was valued at $371.4 billion, and it is estimated that by 2025 it will rise to a staggering $832.1 billion (source)


94% of all enterprises use cloud services in some form or another it’s safe to say that cloud computing is here to stay and will only get even bigger in the future (source)

Thermify Cloud is a service that runs encrypted computation tasks paid for by cloud compute users – usually companies. Those tasks run on a distributed, secure network of small, but powerful, data centres that replace the gas boilers in people’s homes. But the heat produced as a by-product of data processing is used differently…..

Where a gas boiler would otherwise be installed, our patented heat hub technology cools the data processors. It uses that heat for warmth and hot water – on-demand. Just like a gas boiler, but generating revenues from cloud computing. Find out more about the benefits of thermify for both businesses and homes below:

Thermify Cloud for BusinessThermify HeatHub for Home